Physical Activity - Let's get started!

Physical Activity - Let's get started!

I'm sure everyone has been told the benefits of being physically active. but...

What is physical activity?

Physical activity is ANY movement that requires energy expenditure.

Some examples of physical activity can include carrying out daily activities of living, walking, cycling, climbing stairs, dancing, gardening, cooking , cleaning , exercise classes, exercise machines, sports and much more.

So then what is Exercise?

Exercise refers to physical activity that is planned, structured and repetitive.

Its main objective is to improve or maintain one or more components physical fitness.

Exercise commonly refers to physical activity performed during leisure time.

Easy ways to get MORE physically active

Reduce long period of sitting or laying by taking breaks.

During breaks you can do some stretching , take a small walks or just moving your body around (eg. wiggle wiggle wiggle) .

Walking / Walking at a faster intensity

Walking is fun and easy. We use a lot of muscles when we walk and can be a great way to getting physically active. It can be incorporated into your daily activities easily.

You can increase your walking speed gradually by including some bursts of walking fast with intent.

You can include family and/or friends to join you.

You can explore different routes to avoid seeing the same sights.

Doing activities you like - such as bicycling , gardening, swimming, walking, shopping, cherry picking, mall walking, skiing , dancing, and the list goes on.

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