Domain vs website vs web hosting

Domain vs website vs web hosting

The terms domain, website and Web hosting are sometimes confusing to many.

This post will clear up some things for you and help you understand how all 3 things work together.


A domain is basically an address, like a phone book.

There is a cost for having a domain. It is typically purchased per year.

it would be simpler to say that you are renting that domain as it expires if you don’t continue to pay for it.

The prices for domains can vary. At , .com and .CA domain goes for $15*.

*While premium domain names can cost more, (few hundred to thousands of dollars)


A website is the actual display or content that you see and can interact with. In other words, once you have purchased a domain you still to build yourself a website. You can build your own or hire someone else. A website can cost anywhere from $50 to $100,000+ to build, there are free templates you can use all over the internet.

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Web Hosting

Web hosting is the space for your files and the service that makes them available for others to access through the internet. Some provide this for free, with ads on your website. Web Hosting can cost anywhere from Free – $10,000’s / month.

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